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Who is NazgulOwen?
I'm a Web Developer & Gamer
I am not a simple web developer. I am an elite specialist who likes to fight with his pen and keyboard, making ideas come true. Don't underestimate the power of my aim.
Do you need a website? Do you need a vectorial image? Contact with me. Build your dreams easily and quickly.
Do you want me in your mission! Let's start.
Fancy to contact?
Are you ready for the next?
Design or Programming, if you need a professional designer. Feel free to contact with me. I will write you so soon as I can.
Visit my studio "Daeria Digital Solutions".
Are you looking for a gamer to share good times? Your seeking has been finished.
Add me on my Steam Profile and enjoy with me.
Featured Projects
~ 20th MAR 2016 ~
El Bunker
Pin-up Pub logo design. El Bunker de Cisneros (Madrid)
~ 19th DEC 2015 ~
Anakin's LightSaber
Lightsaber of Anakin SkyWalker. Made in AUTOCAD 3D (AutoDesk).
~ 05th NOV 2015 ~
Brand Pub
Logo for a pub on Madrid.
~ 21st OCT 2015 ~
Espacio Drinkin
Website of Espacio Drinkin, a pub from Madrid.
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What is Daeria?
Daeria Digital Solutions
Daeria Digital Solutions is a studio where I work as Web Designer as freelance. If you need professional people to finish your project, don't doubt and visit its website.
Daeria wants to work with you. With this philosophy, our premise is quality in what Daeria does and your satisfaction. Daeria will focus on your industry, study your needs and adapt to your digitally business. Daeria likes challenges and give you the technology and elegant design tailored to you.

Quote: "The patience favors the prepared mind" ~ Master Yoda. Year 230 ABY
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